Thomas E Strauss

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Thomas E. Strauss, Inc., is a family-owned hospitality group based in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Our businesses include:

We strive to foster a culture of mutual respect in our workplace. We recognize respect isn’t easily defined and may mean something different to each of us. We view respect as how we relate to others in ways that demonstrate their priorities are important.

We have a strong set of core values that make us the best team around! We’re more than coworkers. By embracing DIVERSITY, demanding INTEGRITY, encouraging EXCELLENCE, requiring ACCOUNTABILITY, engaging in the COMMUNITY and promoting FUN, we have built a dedicated team of employees who focus on our guests, our community and our future.

This is what we believe and how we act. If these get you fired up, maybe you belong on our team!

Interviews With Our Staff

Our Mission

Make people feel valued.


What We Value

Diversity – Welcome all coworkers and guests regardless of real or perceived differences.
Integrity – Strive to do the right thing, even when it isn’t easy!
Excellence – Provide exceptional service to guests and coworkers, focusing on building relationships.
Accountability – Put action to words.
Community – Engage and support our community.
Fun – Let’s enjoy the journey together.